Natural Honey

Honey for Bacterial Control

During the ancient period, honey was the primary medicine for bacterial control and to heal bacterial diseases. In addition, in most of the ancient tradition honey was the first choice as an antibiotic and skin protectant, due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. What is bacteria? And its threat to human life: Bacterias are present …

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Unprocessed Honey Remedies

Raw Honey Remedies

Raw Honey has a great value which helps to manage various health problems. It is an essential ingredient in various ancient remedies. Raw Honey plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the health condition and keeps you free from physical and mental illness. Because Raw Honey contains useful antioxidant, antimicrobial, natural enzymes, vitamins and …

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Honey Bees Make Honey

How do Honey Bees Make Honey?

Honey is made by the honeybees using flowers nectar in a honeycomb. It sounds simple! However, the process of making honey is a much more difficult journey for honeybees. Honeybees work collectively as a team in the honeycomb. Their team consists of three types of honeybees in a colony: 1. Queen bee 2. Drone bee 3. Worker bee Let’s …

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Why Honeycombs are Hexagonal

Why Just Hexagon for Honeycomb?

Have you ever wondered why honey bees build hexagon honeycomb? Why not rectangles or squares or triangles? Let’s dive into this to know the reason and logic behind this. For more than 2000 years ago, a Roman soldier, scholar, and writer named Marcus Terentius Varro proposed an answer which is called “The Honeybee Conjecture.” “The Honeybee Conjecture” …

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Antioxidant Properties of Honey

Antioxidant Properties of Honey

 Honey: A Source Of Bioavailable Antioxidants:  Nutritionists advise consuming more antioxidant-rich food to help protect our bodies from cellular damage. Antioxidants are enzymes that protect cells from free radicals by chemically changing them into harmless compounds, like, oxygen and water. Thus, the excess free radical activity can seriously decrease our body antioxidant reserves. We have …

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Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

Raw Honey or Regular Honey

What makes Raw Honey so distinct than Regular Honey? Honey is a naturally sweet liquid made by honey bees in a honeycomb that has live enzymes and antioxidants. The role of honey-bee in making honey is unimaginable. Honey, as it is present in the honeycomb and extracted in a hygienic manner, is RAW HONEY. In olden days, people had …

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Best Honey for Diabetics

Is Honey Safe for Diabetes?

Yes Indeed, Honey is safe for diabetes when used in moderation. Researches even suggest “Honey is good for diabetic people”. Having said that Honey does not mean any synthetic or heavily processed commercial honey, But Raw and unprocessed honey. Doctor don’t completely prohibit but advice moderate intake of sugars or carbohydrate in diabetic condition. Honey …

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How to Use Raw Honey

Why Should you Choose Raw Honey?

You should choose raw honey simply because Honey is the most heat sensitive natural food in the world and heavy processing by means of Heating and ultrafiltration rob most of its health benefits. The industry practice of heavy processing and adulteration made honey just another sweet harmful confectionary. In contrary Raw honey contains many beneficial …

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Best Honey for Health

Honey and Sports Nutrition

Honey is recognized as one of the finest of nature’s energy foods. There are lot of benefits of taking carbohydrates before, after and during short duration, high-intensity exercise such as swimming competitions and high-volume resistance training like weightlifting.   Pre-Exercise  Carbohydrates taken before and during exercise helps to: maintain blood glucose levels prevent premature fatigue.  Honey …

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Bee Communication Dance

Communication of Honey Bees

Communication of honey bees plays a key role in bees life. There are mainly 2 main ways through which honey bees communicate: 1. The pheromone activity. 2. The waggle dance. The Pheromone activity Queen release a chemical called pheromone to attract drones. Other pheromone released help other bees in: Helping the community to recognize queen. …

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