Nusqa E Arabia – Who Introduced it?

Original Nusqa e Arabia

Nusqa e Arabia is a natural concoction for heart ailments, bad cholesterol and growing fat difficulties among people. Let us know how Nusqa E Arabia was introduced first.

This natural remedy has proved very effective and saved the unbearable hospital bills of thousands of such customers.

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How did Nusqa e Arabia first take birth and where?

People in the middle east were the victims of heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes because of their unhealthy lifestyle and dietary pattern.

Therefore, in the olden days. They used the most effective and easily available home ingredients as a home remedy to make a concoction to treat heart blockage.

Ingredients like Pure honey, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic and Apple cider vinegar were used to make this concoction.

As a result, this proved to be a game-changer as a home remedy in providing a big relief curing people with heart disease and reducing bad cholesterol levels.

Thus, the name Nusqa e Arabia refers to this popular concoction because Arab people first used it.

In India, Bharat Unani Pharmacy Hyderabad first introduced Nusqa e Arabia in 2011:

We introduced Nusqa e Arabia after it showed the great result, healing our ailing mother. Who suffered from heart blockage before going for angiography advised by a cardiologist.

After that, with the increase in the cases of heart ailments, cholesterol levels and weight gain problems among people, we decided to come forward and help them with this affordable yet effective home remedy.

So, Nusqa e Arabia was first introduced by Bharat Unani Pharmacy Hyderabad in 2011 to help people with these severe health issues. We aim to help people genuinely with no profit motive.

As a result, the response we have received so far is unimaginable. The reviews from and stands testimony to this.

The love and appreciation from our thousands of customers continue to flow even today.

What confirms our genuine work?

We list out all the ingredients and the method of making Nusqa e Arabia on our label and print advertisement to make this home remedy at home to our customers. A commercial brand never does this.

If you don’t have time and are unable to make it due to any reason. You can reach out to us for a ready-made pack made using the finest quality ingredients under experts’ supervision.


There are several brands selling online and offline with commercial intent. However, we never know their method of preparation and the quality of ingredients.

Therefore, always buy it from the brand that introduced it first. The reason is, it never compromises on its quality, made it under expert’s supervision and helped many people successfully.

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