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Finally, Bharat Honey’s long and challenging battle of creating awareness regarding honey adulteration by top brands has paid off significantly. You must know why NMR tested raw honey has become necessary for all honey brands.

Bharat Honey’s Great Achievement: Adulteration Fully Exposed by CSE!

Thanks to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) for exposing the honey adulteration business of top brands in India through a Nuclear magnetic resonance – NMR test conducted recently.

We have been very active and loud and clear in creating awareness about how to check honey purity. And also helps customers how and where to buy pure raw honey in today’s honey adulterated market.

We spread awareness with our more than three decades of experience via posting videos on our YouTube channel and honey literature on our website. And also on other social media platforms. As a result, it has turned out to be really successful!

Chinese made modern adulterants: Not easy to detect!

Our decades of promoting the raw honey experience never made us silent. When we saw top brands manipulating honey with modern adulterants like rice syrup, inverted sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) mostly imported from China.

The result of this manipulation of honey is such that, it easily fools customers by their unchanging ultra-shiny colour, uniform taste, texture or consistency due to lack of knowledge.

Therefore, insufficient knowledge helps big companies establish honey businesses with just one motive of making a profit using the above adulterants. With this, you may want to know more about how to check the purity of honey.

The Health Hazard of Honey Adulteration Using Chinese Syrup:

This examination by CSE should have happened quite earlier. Because the adulterants like Sugar syrup, rice syrup and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) present in top brands’ honey are totally hazardous to customer’s health. As they cause a spike in blood pressure, obesity and heart diseases rather than offering raw honey health benefits.

Furthermore, people have been consuming honey to boost their immunity from Covi-19. However, their plan of strong immunity using these honey brands has given them the opposite effect and made them more vulnerable to the life-threatening Corona Virus.

Similarly, for diabetes, it was pure toxic for their already unsafe diabetic conditions. Now, We need to be more alert and aware of consuming honey from the market. Especially from the top brands.

Do You Know 10 Out of 13 Top Brands in India Failed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Test – NMR?

Yes, you got it right. The recent investigation or testing conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment – CSE reveals the much-awaited corrupted, endless or deep-rooted adulteration practices by top honey brands in India.

You can check these top honey brands which the pretext of selling raw honey to Indian customers found to be mixing undetected Chinese imported sugar syrups.

How do they Skip the FSSAI Parameters?

Well, they manage to pass these parameters because of the advanced NMR test which is unfortunately not available in India.

This is done at INTERTEK laboratory based in Germany which helps us to detect these Chinese adulterants like rice syrup, corn syrup, inverted sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

Therefore, the absence of an advanced NMR test helped the profit motive Company to establish the honey-selling business in India easily and also easily pass the outdated FSSAI parameters to start their adulterated honey business in the name of selling pure raw honey.

Bharat Honey NMR Tested Brand: Tested Successfully for Three Years in a Row!

We are proud that Bharat Honey is NMR tested honey in India by INTERTEK laboratory, Germany. We have been conducting NMR tests for all our floral honey varieties for the last three years.

For further evidence, you can download the Bharat Honey NMR tested documents of all our floral honey. So, check for the honey brands which has passed the NMR test in India.

By all means, we strive to offer our customers 100% genuine, unique and different floral honey varieties. As a result, we are very confident and challenge a reward of Rs. 10,000 if our honey is found to be adulterated in any laboratory in the world.

Our Sincere Awareness Among Customers has Reaped the Fruits:

Now we feel thrilled with great satisfaction. The reason is our journey in this regard is receiving support even from top food research organizations like CSE. It is a New Delhi based research and advocacy organization.

Role of Bharat Honey: A Big Source of Knowledge for Buying Raw Honey Around You!

The reason is that Pure Raw Honey doesn’t come in the same character compared to regular honey sold by top brands. But it comes in based upon its geographical location and floral source. Therefore, a genuine local brand like us sells them bottling separately. You can find different honey varieties and how we procure them directly from the source.

Most importantly, Pure Raw Honey’s taste, texture, aroma and colour also vary according to its flora source and geographical location. You may find our knowledge source on how to check the purity of honey before you buy it.

For Instance: Have a Look At the Natural Honey Varieties:

  1. Acacia flower Kashmir Honey: It has its geographical location i.e., it is sourced from the Kashmir valley. And the nectar from the Acacia flower. Thus, it is bottled separately indicating Geographical Identification (GI) and floral source information on the label.
Kashmir Acacia Honey
  1. Jamun flower Honey: Its geographical location is in the Northern region of India and the Jamun flower season falls between May and June.
Jamun Honey
  1. Litchi flower honey: It has a geographical location in the state of Bihar and other states like Panjab and Uttrakhand and nectar from the Litchi flower.
Litchi Honey
  1. Wild Jujube flower Sidr honey: The geographical location of the wild Jujube flowers bloom is in the desert areas of Rajasthan.
Sidr Honey
  1. Multi Floral honey: The nectar comes from the multi-floral source from the forest areas of the Northern region of India.
Multiflora Honey

Bharat Honey: Journey from Beekeepers to Customers:

The journey of Bharat honey is totally opposite compared to top honey brands in India. We at Bharat Honey directly source Raw Honey from the Beekeepers with no mediator or middlemen between us. We personally pay the visit to the Beekeepers in different regions and forest areas and procure ripen or matured honey during different flowering seasons of the year.

Most importantly, our Beekeepers genuinely follow all the hygienic rules and regulations of the Good Beekeeping Practices standard of the National Bee Board (NBB). No adulteration whatsoever! Truly NMR tested raw honey!


Bharat’s NMR tested raw honey always serves pure raw honey with an open challenge of Rs.10000 reward if any adulteration is found. By all means, our motto is to educate and serve raw honey to our customers with great confidence.

Directions: httpss://g.page/Bharathoney

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