Natural Honey vs Table Sugar Which is Better for You?

Natural Honey

Honey and sugar both are used as a sweetener in various snacks and food to enjoy their sweetness.

There is a lot of difference when it comes to the health effects between these two, even though the sweetness of both sweeteners is similar.

What is the main difference?

in summary, the following are the main differences between table sugar and natural honey:

1) Table sugar is a heavily processed sugarcane product. Whereas, honey is a natural sweetener that honey bees make using flower nectar.

2) Table sugar has empty calories and is contaminated by various spurious chemicals during processing. On the other end, honey is a natural and ready-to-eat sweetener which has micronutrients including antioxidants and live enzymes.

The Health effects

Natural honey is an obvious winner when it comes to health. Honey is in great use for centuries as a portion of healthy food and excellent medicine. It has a positive effect on many organs in the body as well.

Let’s compare the effect of both sweeteners on each organ

1. For Digestion

Honey is good for digestion

Natural Honey

Natural honey has the simplest form of natural sugars. firstly, it soothes the stomach lining. Secondly, it gets absorbed quickly and finally, it helps in the absorption of various nutrients.

Table sugars

Excess use of table sugar in confectionaries irritates the stomach lining. It decreases the absorption of nutrients and above all, causes loss of appetite in children.

2. Weight gain/loss

Pure honey is good for weight loss

Natural honey: 

The use of natural honey helps lose excess weight. It offers valuable help in your weight loss journey.

Table sugar: 

Excess use of empty calories like sugar and confectionaries causes weight gain.

3. Honey for healthy and glowing skin

Natural Honey for glowing skin

Natural honey

Honey contains antioxidants. its usage is simple! Use it to clean your skin and wash your face for glowing skin. In addition, honey helps in removing acne which troubles your skin mostly.

The methods to use honey for various skin-related problems have a very positive effect.

Table Sugar

Sugar affects and troubles our skin contributing to wrinkles and skin weakness. Furthermore, it leads to premature ageing.

4. The Glycemic Index (GI) Effect

Glycaemic index of honey and sugar

Natural honey

Honey is always low in GI ( Glycemic index). Whereas, sugar is high in GI. This difference between high and low GI help in controlling blood sugar levels. In this case, honey provides relief in regulating blood sugar levels because of low GI.

Table Sugar

GI level is always high in sugar compared to honey. Therefore, the blood sugar level shoots up when using table sugar.

as shown above, honey becomes a better choice than sugar in most of your sweet-bound diet.

5. Proven to be effective for medicinal Purposes

Honey is for medicinal purpose

Natural honey

Raw honey is the first choice and is in great demand for many herbalists as they use it for various medicinal purposes to cure various diseases.

Honey can be used as an antiseptic for healing burns and wounds, for cough treatment, alleviating allergies and for various other medicinal purposes.

Table Sugar

Sugar has no history of medicinal usage as it is not naturally processed food. A lot of unhealthy chemicals get into it.

6. Honey is the best replacement for table sugar – Because

Choose pure honey over table sugar

High consumption of sugar is less healthy and leads to gut bacteria diversity. similarly, this increases the risk of chronic diseases.

Since sugars are refined, liver-related issues will arise accordingly, as the liver has to metabolize refined fructose.

Excess intake of table sugar leads to weight gain and obesity which increases the potential of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

With a high sugar diet, dental cavities go up faster. Since honey is sweeter than table sugar and high in calories, so, add and use less honey to balance its lower effect on calories.

In brief, It is advisable to use it moderately by replacing it with table sugar. Honey will give you a sweet healthy life.

Where can we replace sugar with honey?

  1. Baking Bread, Cakes, Muffins and Pies.
  2. Making Sauces.
  3. Hot drinks (Goes well with hot morning and evening tea).
  4. Use it with flavoured cake.


All things considered, one cannot brush aside the huge benefits of honey against sucrose or table sugar’s ill effect on our health and life. 

It is our choice to choose between these two sweeteners to include in our diet for a healthy life.

Honey anciently proved to be a wonder for humans on earth in many aspects of our life. It doesn’t have any added sugar.

All in all, make honey your diet companion and enjoy a healthy and happy life from here on. Read the home remedies of Natural Honey for various health benefits.

Surely, Honey will be your best choice!

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