Natural Honey For Yeast Infection

honey for yeast infection

Natural Honey contains antifungal activities. As a result, it may help heal different yeast infections such as skin, mouth, scalp and vaginal yeast infections.

Likewise, the fungus Candida albicans is a microorganism responsible for yeast infection in the human body.

You got to choose only pure honey to receive its benefits for yeast infection. Therefore, here is detailed information on checking the purity of honey before you pick one from the market. It is a must to read because of widespread honey adulteration.

Why yeast infection occurs in humans:

Honey for yeast infection

When you have a weak immune system and when the harmful bacteria Candida albicans overpowers the healthy bacteria. As a result, it causes yeast infection.

The good bacteria Lactobacillus keeps the growth of yeast infection in check. So, if there is an imbalance in its activity, it may lead to yeast infection.

Symptoms of yeast Infection:

Honey for skin infection

Yeast infection symptoms vary according to the affected area. Therefore, it can develop anywhere on or inside your body.

If it is a mouth infection, you may notice soreness, burning in your mouth, difficulty swallowing food and seeing slight bleeding.

Yeast infection occurs in a woman vaginal tract too. It causes swelling, redness and itching.

Skin yeast infection causes itching and rash on the skin. The skin infection is uncomfortable.

In addition, the Scalp yeast infection may cause cracks, rash scalp skin and patches.

Natural honey helps in healing yeast infection:

Honey heals skin infection

Natural Honey contains antiseptic and antifungal properties that makes it a natural remedy to heal yeast infection.

In fact, Natural honey is in use for years as a wound healing remedy due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

How to apply honey to kill the yeast infection:

How to use honey for yeast infection

Apply Natural honey topically to the affected area of the skin, mouth, scalp or vagina. Leave it for full half an hour for raw honey to get absorbed.

Similarly, you can rinse it with warm water, or you take a warm water bath.

What does the research say?

Honey to cure yeast infection

Members at the department of microbiology Erciyes University in Turkey has found that the antifungal activity of Natural honey may help prevent and cure yeast infection.


Honey offers valuable antifungal properties to heal any fungal infection like a yeast infection. Check the other health benefits of natural honey.

Always make sure to choose Natural honey from local brands. To clarify, only Natural honey offers medicinal values.

Before using raw honey as a home remedy to heal this infection, consult your physician for further information.

However, this is not a complete replacement remedy to cure yeast infection.

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