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Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey is very popular for its unique taste, aroma, and medicinal benefits around the world. The nectar source of Sidr Honey comes from jujube flowers that blossoms in the desert regions.

Flower Source: Jujube Flower

Jujube flower honey

The nectar source of Sidr honey comes from the wild Jujube flower. It blossoms mostly in the desert regions of the world.

The Jujube or Sidr flower fruit is revered and respected as prophetic food. The reason is, that it offers many nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Bees collect the nectar from the same Jujube flower and convert the fruit benefits into Sidr honey. Making it even more valuable.

Not Only in Yemen but Harvested in India Too.

Sidr honey beekeeper

Many believe that Sidr honey is only available in Yemen. However, this is not true because the nectar of Sidr honey comes from the Jujube flower but not from the region or country.

Therefore, even pure Sidr honey is harvested in India naturally.

How do we collect Sidr Honey?

Raw honey directly from the source.

We never involve middlemen while collecting raw honey from our sources. We directly visit the source and collect the honey.

After the collection of Sidr honey directly from the source, we pack it separately with its name and geographical indication printed on the honey bottle.

Beekeepers: Harvest Sidr Honey Hygienically

Pure honey extraction

We educate our beekeepers on how to harvest honey hygienically. They follow all the standards and steps from keeping the hive safe from pests without using pesticides to safely harvesting the Sidr honey. This is a sustainable method that helps bees to re-build.

What does it Contain?

Honey medicinal values

It offers good antioxidants, antiseptic and antibacterial values essential for various health enhancement and defending against infectious diseases.

Due to its rich source of medicinal values, Sidr honey is in great demand worldwide for the following benefits that it offers.

Sidr Honey Health Benefit:

1. Builds strong immunity.

2. Reduces the risk of heart diseases by removing bad cholesterol.

3. Fights against infections and harmful bacteria.

4. Good for small intestines.

5. Valuable For eyes and skin health.

6. Relief from cough and cold

7. Good for a sound sleep.

8. It may also cure cuts and burns when applied topically.

9. Contains live probiotics that help in digesting food and other gastrointestinal problems.

10. It may help in curing cancer because its tree products were in use for treating various life-threatening diseases.

11. A good remedy for sexual dysfunctions

The Price of Sidr Honey – Little High but Worth it! Raw Sidr honey prices are always higher than the other type of honey in the market.

The reason is that it is unique and comes just from one mono flower source – the Jujube flower. The other reasons are: it has great health benefits as it offers good medicinal values and offers a unique taste and aroma.

Do we get pure Sidr Honey Nowadays? Yes!

Sidr raw honey

There are still a few local genuine honey brands. They collect honey from different locations across India and pack them with their flower source name. For example, Sidr honey from the desert region where Jujube flowers bloom in plenty.

You can compare the taste, aroma, texture and medicinal benefits of Sidr honey harvested in India similar to Yemeni Sidr honey.

You would be surprised that there is not much difference in its quality as reviewed by our Sidr Honey customers.

Big Honey Brands: You Cannot Get This.

Raw Honey

We do not see any big honey brands providing Sidr Raw honey nowadays. They provide one type of honey – colour, taste, aroma and texture throughout the year. Why? It may be that they adulterate honey to increase its quantity for more profit.

You don’t find them offering any honey varieties.

The Reality of a True Local Honey Brand:

Local organic honey

Bees are everywhere. They collect nectar from different flowers in different regions. So, the colour, taste, aroma and texture of pure honey varies according to its flower source and geographical locations.

Therefore, Pure honey comes in different varieties. Like, Sidr honey harvested from jujube flower, Kashmir honey from acacia flower, Litchi honey from the Litchi flower, Jamun honey from Jamun flower and many more.


People think that Sidr Honey is a very luxurious product and out of their reach to buy it. But it is not true!

Though it is luxurious, you can easily buy it at a reasonable price in India from us because we directly procure it from the source. It comes with similar quality – taste, aroma and medicinal benefits.

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