Kashmiri Saffron! Here is the highest quality saffron!

Kashmiri Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron contains remarkable healthy compounds that make it highly desired and valuable for health nourishment, medicinal use, and even in food for its aroma and taste.

It is collected from the ‘Crocus Sativa’ plant flowers, which blooms largely during autumn seasons in a few popular places in the world like Kashmir, Iran, Greece, Spain and Italy.

Kashmir Saffron: Truly High-Quality Spice:

India is blessed and proud to have large saffron flowering plants in the Kashmir region which serves the highest quality saffron both domestically and internationally.

Why is it So Expensive in the World? Harvested by Hand:

Part of the reason why it is so expensive is that each flower produces just 3 stigmas (threads of saffron). Therefore, it takes 75,000 flowers together to make just 1 pound of saffron.

The other reason, it is expensive is because it is totally harvested by hand. So, a good number of labourers are engaged in this process that makes it expensive.

What Makes Saffron Aroma, Taste and Colour?

These are certain chemical compounds responsible for these outcomes. Here they are:

  1. Crocin in saffron is responsible for saffron colour.
  2. Picrocrocin is the reason for saffron tase.
  3. Safranal is what makes saffron aromatic.

These are also effective antioxidant compounds.


Saffron for beautiful skin: Offers good skin benefits:

As it has impressive antibacterial and anti-inflammatory values which keep your skin protected from acne and clear scars from your face.

Don’t worry about the brown spots due to blemish skin. Saffron provides an effective solution removing all unwanted brown spots.

Also, saffron speeds up the recovery process of your skin when you use it for healing wounds and removing acne scars.

Not only this but when you feel your skin has become dull due to pollution and because of other reasons, just use saffron in a cup of milk and apply it on your face. It makes your face live and radiant.

Saffron is also popular in increasing the complexion of your skin. To do this, just use a few threads of saffron and mix it in a sandalwood powder to make the paste. Now apply it regularly to see the difference.

Very useful for hair too: It goes well with hair oil:

Due to its antioxidant property, saffron is quite helpful for hair nourishment and keeps your hair shiny and healthy too.

Just add a few threads of saffron to your hair oil. Next, just warm it a little to apply on your scalp for a healthy scalp. Furthermore, it may help your hair stay stronger too.

Are you depressed? Here is the saffron treatment:

Saffron may help your depressed mode or depression back to better mode. If you have any depression symptoms then just take saffron with a cup of milk. it may help you feel better and may heal your mental health.

Manage your weight: Minimizes your untimely hunger:

Research relevels that taking saffron may help in reducing untimely hunger. As a result, this will help you avoid grabbing unhealthy snacks which may lead to weight gain or obesity.

Lowers cholesterol: Reduces the risk of heart diseases:

The antioxidant content in saffron may also help in keeping your body free from bad cholesterol. Therefore, it helps in preventing the risk of chronic heart diseases and also keeps your heart healthy.

It may help in fighting against cancer:

Saffron is rich in antioxidant which may help in controlling free radicals which is responsible for chronic disease such as cancer.

According to a study, saffron helps in removing free radicals while unharming the other active cells. Therefore, it helps in killing cancer cells and stops their growth too.

Saffron may help in menstrual symptoms:

It may help for those women who are experiencing irregular periods. Taking two to three threads of saffron soaking in a spoon of milk may help in improving hormonal balance. You may notice the early desired effect of this remedy.

The other health benefits of saffron:

It has even proven to be useful for curing cough, cold and even fever when you have it by adding a few threads of saffron to turmeric milk.

Saffron in Food: Adds good flavour:

Saffron lovers use it as a spice for food colouring and as a flavour in various traditional and mouth-watering dishes.

You know what? Even manufacturers use saffron for various purposes, particularly in perfumes as natural fragrance and for dying cloth.


Kashmiri Saffron really offers some superb health nourishment and as a spice for its aroma and taste for food.

You can make Kashmiri saffron part of your diet, however, before that don’t consider this as the total replacement of prescribed medicine.

Always consult your physician to take advice on this.

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