Internal Applications of Honey

Benefits of natural honey

Honey is a natural remedy for both internal and external applications as it contains antimicrobial, antioxidant and nutritional values.

The honey which is heated or ultra-filtered or adulterated may pose the opposite effect. So make sure to use Natural Honey to benefit yourself medicinally and keep good health. Also, check out how to check the purity of honey before you buy natural honey.

Treatment & benefits of internal applications of Natural Honey

A cure for arthritis

Arthritis causes inflammation to the joints and affects one joint or multiple joints. Take one glass of warm water with two teaspoons of honey and ground cinnamon both in the morning and at night for arthritis.


Honey treatment can help in easing your breathing and coughing troubles. The following remedy would be much helpful:

  1. First, take one stick of cinnamon
  2. With this two tablespoon of thyme
  3. Then take one lime (halved)
  4. Three heads of garlic (peeled one)
  5. Finally, one-half peeled onion (chopped)

You need to place all these ingredients into two cups of water and bring them to a boil. Continue to boil the mixture by adding one glass of water until it turns to half.

After this, add one teaspoon of honey and drink it as tea three times a day for a better result.

Bladder infection cure

Bladder infection is the result of a bacterial infection within the bladder and it may cause serious problems to your health. So, early treatment is essential.

To cure it, take one teaspoon of honey with ground cinnamon in lukewarm water three times a day for curing bladder infection.

Controlling high blood pressure

The stressful life that one goes through in his/her life causes high blood pressure, nearly 68 million people are suffering from high blood pressure. To put the blood pressure away, take one spoon of garlic juice with two spoons of honey in the morning and evening.

Application of honey for colitis

Colitis may cause inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Its symptoms vary severely from abdominal pain to cramping to diarrhoea.

To get relief from Colitis, take one glass of lukewarm water and dissolve two spoons of honey and drink it in the evening.

Relief from constipation

Lifestyle change and honey remedy, mostly help you from the difficulty of emptying the large bowel.

Prepare a bowl of fresh-cut fruits and add one tablespoon of honey and consume it three times a day.

Or upon waking early morning, add one tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it in an empty stomach.

Get rid of depression

Today’s hectic and anxiety full of life can affect the mental disorder of humans and push them into depression.

Taking honey with a glass of warm milk before bedtime will give you a sound sleep. So, it will, in turn, help your mind relax and come out of depression.


This disease occurs when the lining of your stomach is unable to absorb fluid resulting in diarrhoea.

For treating this disease add one teaspoon of honey to eight ounces of barley water and take this three times a day.

Increase in cholesterol

High Cholesterol has the risk for heart disease and causes a heart attack.

To be safe from increased cholesterol, add two spoons of honey and two spoons of ground cinnamon in warm water and drink it as tea three times a day.

Honey treatment for hey fever

This type of fever is seasonally caused by ingesting pollen from the local plants.

It is better to take one teaspoon of local honey to cure this. Especially consuming it one month before the allergy season begins will be a good precaution.

A heart tonic

Heart-related disease is the leading cause of death across the world. So, being extra cautious will be the first remedy with using natural honey. In fact, honey is the best way to prevent heart problems.

Take one teaspoon of anise powder and one or two spoons of honey as this will strengthen your heart functioning.

The other honey treatment would be, take one or two spoons of honey with warm water two to three times a day. You can also use ground cinnamon with honey and replace it with jam or jelly on bread.

Remedy for herpes

Herpes is the result of infection with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). It causes symptoms like sores or blisters that form around the mouth or genitals.

For this, add three teaspoons of honey to one teaspoon of cod liver oil. Then mix it completely and apply it to the affected area when needed.

Honey treatment for insomnia

It is a sleep disorder caused by stress and depression of life. One teaspoon of honey with warm milk before the bed will give you a sound and peaceful sleep.

Kidney ailments

Kidneys are essential organs of humans, the ailment of kidneys are mostly caused by diabetes and high blood pressure.

Honey helps in removing kidney stones too. Make a juice with two large radishes and add one teaspoon of honey for the morning and evening dosage. This helps kidney ailment and removes kidney stones.

Relief for laryngitis

It occurs when your voice box or vocal cords become inflamed, due to overuse, irritation, or infection.

You can take three teaspoons of honey in a day or drink a large amount of warm milk or tea sweetened with honey for a cure of this disease.

The liver performs several tasks such as metabolism, energy, storage and detoxification of waste. So, it is a very significant organ of humans.

Take one tablespoon of honey with a one-quarter spoon of cinnamon powder and mix it in a half cup of hot water. Take this drink three to four times a day.

Honey treatment for sore throat

Sore throat troubles you with a painful, dry and scratchy feeling in your throat.

To get rid of the sore throat, squeeze a lemon into a cup, add a teaspoon of honey, then a pinch of salt with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Mixt it well together and swallow.

Honey treatment for tonsil

It occurs when the bacterial and viral organism which enter and cause inflammation to tonsil.

To cure this problem, take fresh lemon juice and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. Take this three to four times until it disappears.

Relief from toothache

Toothache is the result of when something harmful happens to your teeth and gums. Make a paste with one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and five teaspoons of honey. After that, mix it well and spread on a piece of bread and apply it to the affected tooth.

And you can apply this three to four times until the pain vanishes.

Other Health Benefits Of Natural Honey:

Natural honey helps offers other health benefits due to its antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory values.


Internal applications of Honey treatment for various health ailments is effective and proven as it is traditionally in use for many years.

The above treatments using honey as a home remedy have been compiled from different sources. However, do consult the health specialist before considering internal applications of honey as a natural remedy for any ailments.

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