Importance of honeybees to human life & planet

Importance of honeybees to human life and planet

Honeybees are generally known to us offering honey and other bee products. However, it plays a significant role in pollinating about 75% of the world’s food crops.

However, over the past recent years, several factors are threatening the existence of honeybees.

As a result, the decline in the honeybee population poses a serious threat to the human livelihood and food security of the world.

There are various food crops that depend solely on pollination by honeybees.

Essential crops depend upon honeybee pollination:

In case of honeybees population goes down it may wipe out essential crops like coffee, apple, tomatoes, and cocoa, according to the food and agriculture organization of the united nations. As a result, it is a huge loss to human livelihood.

Nearly two-thirds of the plant rely on insects for pollination. Ultimately, it is a massive work carried out by honeybees to feed the world. Ultimately, great support to the food security of the world.

The message is clear. All the countries must bring environment-friendly and sustainable food policies to divert threats so that honey bees can survive.

Factors threatening the honeybee population:

Not only honeybees, animals like butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and other insects face an unavoidable threat from human activities due to:

1. Agricultural chemicals

2. Climate Change

3. Air Pollution

4. Biodiversity loss

Need promising actions to reduce the threat to honeybees:

There were some promising events in the recent past to reduce the usage of harmful pesticides. Similarly, United Nations Biodiversity Conference (Cop 15) held in China recently promised to reduce pesticides at least by two-thirds before 2030.

UN environment programme (UNEP) biodiversity specialist Marieta Sakalian says “Managing or restoration of increasing crop and regional farm diversity is the way forward to combat climate change and the promotion of biodiversity.

The UN has also declared 20th May world bee day to spread awareness of honeybees and their role in keeping the plant healthy.

Farmers suffer a huge loss:

Beekeeping is a great source of income for beekeepers. It is the livelihood of many farmers. Therefore, great care should be taken to support beekeepers to survive against all the challenges.

Honey bees are heavenly creatures:

Honeybees are the busiest insects in the world. In their short life span, they work very hard in making honey while pollinating and helping in the reproduction of plants.

One can find the reference to the importance of bees and honey in various religious books. It shows the value of honey bees to the human on earth.

What consumers should do to help save honeybees?

Honey consumers must have the proper knowledge to buy pure unadulterated honey from a local brand.

Big brands mostly adulterate honey using Chinese syrups like invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup, liquid glucose, rice syrup, and other advanced syrups to earn more profits.

Therefore, being honey consumers we must know to procure honey from a genuine source.

As a result, it will help beekeepers to receive their genuine profit and encourage them to move on with the beekeeping business.


The collective effort of all the stakeholders is essential to save honeybees around the world. Therefore, before you buy pure honey always have the required knowledge. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling your health using adulterated honey.

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