How to Authenticate Pure Natural Honey?

Pure natural honey

Honey is precious food for human beings with various medicinal values for one’s healthy life.

So, you need to be careful and be aware with essential knowledge in getting the pure natural honey because this wonder food is manipulated by big honey brands in India with just one motive to make a profit.

The manipulated or adulterated honey has opposite effects compared to natural honey and it is dangerously harmful to one’s health.

How do they Manipulate it?

Well, big brands use modern additives which are difficult to detect with the help of the present-day laboratory parameters. Also, we cannot detect these adulterants by performing conventional or age-old methods.

Big Brands Use Modern Adulterants to Increase the Honey Production:

They are High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), Rice syrup and Invert sugar. When commercial brands mix these adulterants in honey, it behaves similar to natural honey and passes through the conventional tests easily. Consequently, it helps them to increase the production of honey.

How can I Authenticate to Choose the Pure Organic Honey in India?

There is no such test available at present to authenticate pure honey. Therefore, either we need to do advanced testing which is currently unavailable in India or there is one hope, that is learning to know the following factors below on how and where to get the original honey around you.

This will 100% help you to get authentic, pure and natural honey.

Authenticating Pure Honey Based on Botanical and Geographical Origin:

In India because of its geographical and botanical diversity, honey comes in a unique form representing each area’s diversity of plants.

Honeybees are present everywhere, especially where we have good flowering seasons. They do the job of pollination.

The nectar they collect from the flowers represents the flowering seasons of that region. Do you know how? Honey harvested does include the pollen of the flower. This gives us the proof of the flower from where it got the nectar. As a result, raw honey naturally contains bee pollen.

Therefore, pure honey brands pack different flower honey separately so that it is clear about the flower plants that nectar was collected by the honey bees.

India is blessed to have different flowering seasons in a year. We find Different flowering seasons in different parts of the country. Therefore, an honest honey brand provides varieties of honey products.

On the opposite side, adulterated honey brands offer just one type of honey throughout the year that we presently find in the market. Remember Natural Honey never comes in one colour, taste and texture.

For instance: Here are the types of natural honey

  1. Acacia flower honey – This is a type of flower that blooms in plenty in the Kashmir Valley region.
  2. Jamun flower honey – The Jamun flower blooms in the northern part of India during the month of May and June.
  3. Litchi flower honey – It comes from the state of Bihar and other states like Panjab and Uttrakhand.
  4. Wild Jujube flower honey – The wild Jujube flowers bloom in the desert areas.
  5. Multi flower honey – The source of the multi flowers are the forest areas of the Northern region of India.

While you are looking for the best organic honey, make sure to check for the honey brands which offer variety in honey plus they must list out the floral and geographical source information on their honey bottle. This is what makes honey organic.

So, be cautious not to fall prey to the big brands claiming to be providing pure honey with no variety and with the same aroma, taste and texture.

Always look for the botanical source and GI (Geographical Indications) on the honey bottle the next time you want to buy the original unheated raw honey.

Authenticate Honey According to Season:

In a vast country like India, we have different flowering seasons falling in different months of the year. So, again this will give us different floral honey from different flowering seasons.

As a result, this will help you to check the brand which offers seasonal flower honey such as Jamun honey.

Authenticate Pure Honey Based on the Way it is Extracted:

There are situations where farmers extract unripe honey before honeybees cap it with wax. The reason is to meet the growing demands of big brands.

Big brands purchase unripe honey at a low price in bulk from the farmers and process it by heating to reduce the moisture. This will prevent honey from crystallization and thereby increasing its shelf life. On top of this, it will increase honey production to meet the market demand.

However, ultra heated honey offers no natural benefits as harsh processing destroys or kills all the valuable properties of honey.

Considering the ill practices of commercial brands, always keep in mind the above information for buying raw honey from a genuine brand.

The above listed overall natural factors define the quality of Honey. In addition, help you to authenticate pure natural honey before you buy one!


Buying pure natural honey in the market is not easy because of the big brand’s evil motive. That is merely to increase their profit and production by adding adulterants. They don’t even concern about the harmful effect it has on consumers.

Therefore, remember to buy pure natural honey from the local brand which offers verities in honey.

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