Honeydew and Blossom Honey

Raw Honey

Honey is a sweet substance that includes glucose and fructose. It is made by the bees from the nectar of the flowers. There are two sources of honey, blossom honey and Honeydew.

The melodious word ‘honey’ is the result of bees hard work of making nature first heavenly sweet substance.

Honey – Nectar is a liquid that is made of complex sugar and 80% water present in the flowers. This is to attract the bees for pollination.

Nectar collection is just the beginning process of making honey. There is furthermore a natural process that bees undertake to make honey mature and Raw in the honeycomb.

We, humans, owe a great debt to this nature’s most helpful, busy bees that make honey for us.

Honey definition – Flower or Blossom Honey.

A Journey from Nectar to Ripe honey

Nectar honey

Firstly, the foraging bees use their tongue which resembles a tube. It is called a proboscis to suck the nectar from the flowers. Then it goes into the bees honey stomach.

Now, once the foraging bees return to the beehive, the worker bees present in there suck the nectar from the honey stomach of foraging bees or field bees.

After this, the worker bees or house bees start the core process of turning the nectar into honey.

They utilize the enzymes with the nectar in their mouth to convert the nectar into honey for 20 minutes period.

Nectar mostly contains sucrose. By the above process of regurgitating, sucrose is further broken into glucose and fructose that making honey sweeter than the table sugar.

This raw honey is then deposited into the cells in the beehive by the house bees.

At this stage, the water content in the honey is higher. So, honey bees with the help of flapping their wings evaporate the extra water from honey to make it ripe and viscous (thick and sticky).

In some cases, bees remove the water droplets present in the honey with help of their mouth.

After evaporating the excess water content if it is more than 17% to 18%, honey bees seal the cells with the wax to secure them from the invaders.

This whole process of producing honey is a fantastic hardworking and hierarchical journey of honey bees.

Honey from honeydew

Honeydew honey

Instead of collecting flower nectar to store it as honey. Bee colony collects the secretion of plant-sucking insects such as aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs and other sapsuckers

The major source of honeydew is every green forest. Therefore, it is widely marketed and sold as forest honey.

This is quite popular in Europe and other parts of the world. However, beekeepers find it difficult to harvest and draw consumers for this.

The major reason is that bees collecting honeydew need protein feed because honeydew lacks pollen which is rich in protein.

On the contrary, flower honey doesn’t need it, as it is full of pollen-rich protein.


Both blossom honey and Honeydew is absolutely natural and raw. However, the flower honey is abundant whereas the honey from honeydew is very rare.

In today’s time and age of adulterated honey which is harmful and risky to our health, choose the one which is Natural and Raw Honey.

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