Honey Varieties in India?

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Floral honey varieties (Monofloral honey) is a type of honey, made from one type of flower nectar.

Most honey comes from bees foraging many different flowers. These flowers honey is called Multiflora honey or Forest Honey.

Yet few flowers provide enough nectar during a short season. They can yield honey as a monofloral honey.

As it is not possible to have only one type of flower in an area, so, no one can restrict the bees to collect nectar from other flowers.

However, it is an industry standard that at least 50% of nectar should be from one type of flower.

FSSAI also allows honey packers to mention “floral variety” on the honey label. Because honey bees collect nectar from one type of flower (more than 45%).

Similarly, each Monofloral honey variety has a distinctive taste, aroma, and related to the source of the flower.

Popular Honey Varieties in India

Not all flowers give honey. However, here are the nectar-rich flowers that can also give you monofloral honey.

Popular flowers do not have enough nectar to make honey.

  • Mango flower
  • Rose flower
  • Lotus flower
  • Neem flower
  • Saffron flower

Types of Monofloral honey varieties are available under the BHARAT HONEY label.

Apart from popular Bharat’s Multiflora honey, it also sells a few authentic monofloral honey varieties in India.


Jamun Flower Honey


Jujube Flower Honey


Acacia Flower Honey


Litchi Flower Honey


Ajwain flower honey


Eucalyptus flower honey


Solai Tulsi flowr honey


Why should I know about the honey varieties in India?

Well, it is one of the key factors while buying the pure honey available in the market.

A genuine brand sells varieties of honey:

Looking for natural honey, then beware that natural honey always comes in varieties. So, while buying honey, make sure to look for the brand offering genuine honey varieties procuring directly from the source.

The reason is, the fake, profit-oriented, adulterated honey brand never sells honey varieties. Instead, they sell just one type of honey throughout the year. It is a sign of an adulterated brand though that brand is famous in the market.

The use of honey has increased so has adulteration:

The use of natural honey to strengthen immunity in this Covid-19 pandemic period is increasing ever than before.

However, serious questions regarding honey purity troubles everyone due to large scale honey adulterations.

It does so because adulterated honey with different sugar syrups will make your immunity weak and vulnerable to viruses like Covid-19.

For more help on checking purity of honey, here is a great source of information you must check before buying one.


All in all, India is a vast country that offers different seasons of flowers. So honey bees collect the nectar from different flowers to make different types of honey.

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