Honey Prebiotics and Friendly Bacteria

Honey for Prebiotic and good bacteria

Natural Honey offers essential nutrients to keep your gut bacteria healthy. Very important to keep it strong for a healthy life.

If your gut bacteria or gut microbiome is weak, it may cause diseases like inflammatory bowel, diabetes, heart ailments and other chronic diseases.

So, keeping it solid and healthy becomes an important part of your life. Let’s know how to keep it fit.

One important gut bacteria is bifidobacteria, we need to enhance its growth and keep it healthy for a strong gut bacteria system.

Remember, only pure honey provides you with all the nutrients of honey. Therefore, choosing the right local brand selling raw honey is essential. Here is the information on checking the purity of honey before you buy it.

Probiotics and prebiotics: Keep your gut bacteria strong

The important sources are probiotics (Friendly bacteria or natural bacteria) and prebiotic elements (type of fibre that your body can’t digest but your gut bacteria can) to increase the growth of bifidobacteria.

By taking the probiotic-rich food, we may help in increasing the bifidobacteria. Similarly, the prebiotic-rich food helps the bifidobacteria growth activity in the guts.

Therefore, both probiotic and prebiotic elements are essential for a healthy gut system. So, where to get these two important things in one?

Raw Natural Honey is a rich source of probiotic and prebiotic

Potentially prebiotics is carbohydrates that are oligosaccharides. It is a kind of carbohydrate that gets formed when three or more sugars are linked together, like Sucrose, Maltose, lactose, fructose and more.

The good thing is that Natural Honey contains oligosaccharides in plenty. In addition, using natural Honey by adding it to dairy products surely help the growth of probiotic activities too.

So, the probiotic element activities would help in the growth of bifidobacteria to make your gastrointestinal stronger.

Raw Honey is essential for your good gut health: You can’t ignore it

Buying Raw Honey is a challenge in today’s highly adulterated market. But not impossible!

To get Raw Honey, one should have proper knowledge in picking the genuine local brand and its healthy raw Honey.

What knowledge?

Well, the knowledge about knowing where to buy pure honey and how to buy it around you is very important.

It is essential because if you buy adulterated Honey, it would have opposite effects on your health and increase the blood sugar level, obesity and weight gain and other diseases.

Otherwise, the same taste, colour, texture, aroma that a big brand offers is doubtful and questionable. Not good for honey prebiotics and friendly bacteria.

The reason being, the different region has different flowers where bees collect the nectar. So, a genuine brand packs it separately, indicating its flower and geographical indication.

For example

  1. Kashmir Honey, the nectar source is the acacia flower.
  2. Sidr Honey, the nectar source is the Jujube flower.
  3. Jamun Honey, the nectar source is the Jamun flower.
  4. Litchi Honey, the nectar source is the Litchi flower.
  5. Multiflora Honey, the nectar source is multi flowers

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Honey is famous for its pleasant sweetness, and also it is a good source of various healthy nutrients. Therefore, make the Raw Honey part of your regular diet for the benefit of your gut bacteria.

Good for honey prebiotics and friendly bacteria.

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