Honey Glass Bottle v/s Honey Plastic Bottle

Honey glass bottle vs Plastic Bottle

Honey is not only a natural sweetener in your dessert diet. It is also an important medicinal food that contains healthy nutrients.

Therefore, to enjoy the natural honey health benefits longer, it is essential to know how to store honey, where to keep it safe, and finally, whether honey should be stored in a squeeze plastic bottle or glass jar?

How to store honey – Glass Bottle or Plastic Bottle?

A Glass jar is safe and good for keeping honey longer.It is good to store if you are using honey within two months.
Honey will not spoil when stored in a glass jar for long.Honey will spoil when chemicals from plastic leach into honey.
An airtight Glass Jar protects honey from moisture and honey doesn’t lose water content in it.Honey in a plastic bottle may lose its water content, which may lead to fermentation.
The taste, aroma, texture and colour of honey will be intact.Honey in a plastic bottle may lose all these natural features if stored for long due to the above negative effects.
The Glass bottle should be of good quality and a food-grade honey glass jar.Also, the plastic squeeze bottle should be a food-grade bottle.

Benefits of Honey in Glass Jar:

Honey in Glass JAr

This is the safest and proven storage method to keep natural honey intact to retain its nutritional values for a long.

When you store honey in an airtight glass jar, it will keep the honey protected from water entering into the honey. As a result, it helps honey from fermentation and adds more life to it.

A glass jar acts as a barrier for moisture to get into the honey. The moisture plays the role of spoiling food, including honey, if it gets into it. Therefore, a glass jar for honey storage is an ideal choice.

Honey in Plastic Squeeze Bottle: Harmful to Natural Honey:

Honey plastic bottle

On the other end, plastic bottles have chemicals that can leach into honey when exposed to heat or warm temperatures. Thus, it spoils natural honey colour, taste, aroma and texture.

However, you can store honey in a plastic bottle if you expect to use it up within one or one and a half months.

So, when buying honey from a store in a plastic bottle, make sure to use it before this period or use a glass jar if you want to store it for a long.

The reason is, when the plastic chemicals leach into honey, it starts losing their value and leads to health problems like metabolic disorders.

Also, storing honey in metallic containers may lead to the oxidization of honey. As a result, it would damage the honey flavour.

How to keep Honey safely at Home?

Honey in the shelf

You can keep it at a warm room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or below. Avoid direct sun rays to the squeezable honey plastic bottle or honey glass bottle.

Also, don’t store honey in a refrigerator. Natural honey may crystalize. However, you can turn it into liquid by keeping it in a shallow warm water bowl.

Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of natural honey. It will not affect the nutritional profile of honey.

Hygienically Use Honey to Avoid Spoiling:

How to take honey from the glass bottle

Make sure to use a dried and clean spoon while taking honey from a honey glass jar or plastic bottle.

This way, you will not let moisture or other honey spoilers come into contact within the bottle or glass jar.

Stop putting your finger into the bottle. Instead, always use a spoon or wooden honey stick to taste honey. It will keep your natural honey protected from getting spoiled.


Natural Honey has a longer shelf life. However, to keep it safe and protected depends upon how you store it.

Therefore, it is advisable to store honey in a glass bottle for longer storage to enjoy its health benefits.

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