Honey for Bacterial Control

Honey for bacterial control

During the ancient period, honey was the primary medicine for bacterial control and to heal bacterial diseases.

In addition, in most of the ancient traditions, honey was the first choice as an antibiotic and skin protectant, due to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

These valuable honey properties are only found in pure raw honey. Therefore make sure to go through how to check the purity of honey information before you buy one from the market.

What is bacteria? And its threat to human life:

Bacterias are present everywhere in the environment; in air, water, skin, in our mouth and guts too.

Most of the bacterias are essential and useful bacterias such as gut bacteria that are necessary for human life and growth. However, there are certain harmful bacterias that cause infections and other diseases.

Harmful bacterias are also called pathogenic bacteria, is dangerous and threaten to cause infection, make us sick and in some cases, may risk our life.

Imbalance lifestyle such as taking food that is not properly prepared, consuming excess table sugar, stress and lack of good sleep may cause harmful bacterias to affect us.

How Raw Honey aids in bacterial control for Wounds:

Raw Honey that is unheated or unfiltered is proved to be medicinally valuable for various bacterial control.

These attributes of honey are the result of antibacterial activities present in the Raw Honey.

And also because of its high sugar level, honey prevents bacteria from growing to affect the wound infection.

Raw Honey kills wound bacteria:

Honey when applied to the wound act as a dry sponge and removes any water from it. We call it osmosis. It will help in killing the bacterias from the wound and fasten the healing process.

Raw Honey is very acidic for bacteria on wounds:

Natural honey has a low pH level (It is an acidity scale, judging on 1-10) between 3 to 4, making it acidic, therefore bacterias cannot survive in this acidic environment.

Raw Honey is Hygroscopic:

It means that Raw Honey draws moisture from the environment and supports in dehydration of bacteria.

Raw Honey includes hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial substance that is naturally present in honey. It combats with bacterias and keeps them away.

Usage of Raw Honey for internal infections:

consume a tablespoon of Raw Honey every day and gradually it would show a good result of healing infections because of its antibacterial and antioxidant values.

Other health benefits of raw honey will be an effective natural remedy for various health purposes.


Raw Honey is extremely safe for use on the skin to heal wounds and infections from bacteria.

Always choose Raw or Natural Honey to get the healing benefits of it!

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