Honey and Sports Nutrition

Best honey for health

Honey is recognized as one of the finest of nature’s energy foods. There are a lot of benefits of taking carbohydrates before, after and during short duration, high-intensity exercises such as swimming competitions and high-volume resistance training like weightlifting. Therefore, honey and sports nutrition go hand in hand.

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Carbohydrates taken before and during exercise helps to:

  • maintain blood glucose levels
  • prevent premature fatigue.

 Honey is one of the most effective ways to consume carbs before exercise. because:

  • Lower glycemic index profile of honey.
  • Provides required energy
  • Delays the release of insulin into the bloodstream and
  • Slows down the use of glycogen (muscle fuel).

The result is improved performance without the risk of hypoglycemia. 

 During Exercise

Honey improves performance during long-distance cycling trials. It also measured a significant increase in the athletes’ average power. Honey performs as well as glucose, the most common carbohydrate supplement used in athletics


After exercise, carbohydrates are necessary to replenish muscle and liver glycogen. It also helps to prepare the athlete for the next training session. Honey is an optimal source of carbs in addition to post-workout protein supplements. Intake of honey post-exercise:

  • Does not drop the blood sugar levels.
  • Promote muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration.
  • Honey- protein combinations sustain favourable blood sugar concentrations that help to promote recovery.
  • Maintains blood glucose levels to a better degree than sucrose or maltodextrin.

 Honey and Exercise: few suggestions

  1. Instead of glucose sports drinks, add a squeeze of honey to your water bottle.
  2. An athlete in training: one tablespoon of honey in warm water, lemon juice, or tea before athletic activity. It gives enough to increase your energy level.
  3. For soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey players: take one tablespoon one-half hour before the match. You can also take one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lemon juice during rest periods.
  4. For swimmers: take one tablespoon of honey one-half hour before competition.
  5. Runners: eat a tablespoon of honey twenty minutes before the event.
  6. Cyclists can take a teaspoon of honey at mealtimes and in the form of honey sticks at regular intervals during cycling.

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