DIY Honey Roasted Almond! A super healthy recipe!

Honey Roasted Almond Health Benefits

DIY Honey roasted Almond is a superb recipe that is quite healthy, especially nourishing your skin. This healthy recipe requires a few ingredients and easy steps to make.

Both the star ingredients like Raw Honey and Almond contain antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-ageing properties. Thus, it helps in cleaning toxic waste from your body and it keeps free radicals away which protects you from diseases.

Almond and Raw Honey: Incredible Health Benefits!

The Raw Honey and Almond combination in this recipe is truly amazing in reducing cholesterol, boosting your immunity, saying goodbye to constipation, and increasing your memory power and skin nourishment.


Almond contains magnesium and potassium which supports oxygen and nutrients flow through your blood smoothly. Furthermore, it helps in building your bone.

It is rich in Vitamin E which helps in nourishing and softening skin. When you add it as the main ingredient in this kind of recipe it would surely provide you with all its benefits to keep your skin soft and provide protection from skin damage due to sun exposure.

Raw Honey:

Raw Honey on the other side offers great health benefits such as curing cough and cold. It heals burns and wounds and has many other rewarding benefits.

Here is the DIY Honey Roasted Almond – A Quick Recipe for You!


  1. Almonds – 2 cups
  2. Raw honey – 2 tbsp
  3. Sugar – ¼ cup
  4. Almond oil – 2 tbsp
  5. Salt – ½ tbsp
  6. Water – 2tbsp


  1. In a baking pan spread the almond and bake it at 175 degrees until it gets light brown colour. Stir it well while baking.
  2. Remove it from the oven and keep it aside.
  3. Now mix all the ingredients except sugar like salt, raw honey, almond oil, and water in a pan and boil it on a medium flame.
  4. Now mix the almond into the mixture and continue to cook to the point until almonds absorb all the mixture. It may take 5 minutes.
  5. Remove the pan and pour all the almonds into a different bowl and sprinkle the sugar. Finally, let it cool on wax paper.
  6. Now Raw Honey roasted almond is absolutely ready to enjoy.


DIY honey roasted almond is a remarkable healthy recipe. Try this at home and you would definitely enjoy this nutritious food!

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