DIY – Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm

DIY beeswax balm

Applying Beeswax made balm keeps the bug and mosquito away by playing the role of a protective barrier on the skin. It soothes itching, red and swelling skin. Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm is a big relief from mosquito bites.

It is a natural remedy having no side effects unlike using mosquito repellent which includes harmful chemicals.

Why Should I be Serious About Bug Biting?

During any time of the year, we are at the risk of bug biting. It is sometimes very dangerous if the bug which stings you carries any diseases.

If not taken seriously or any precautions then this could be an outbreak of several vector born diseases like Dengue and Malaria fever.

Why DIY Beeswax Balm and Why Not Mosquito Repellents:

Well, Beeswax is a natural product of Honey Bees which is used for various purposes as ingredients including bug bite balm without any side effects.

On the other hand, mosquito repellents contain chemical-based questionable ingredients which are harmful to our health and they are:

  1. Picaridin
  2. Metofluthrin
  3. Diethyl carbonate
  4. Diethyl phthalate

These chemicals in modern bug repellent may keep the bugs away but cause health issues to children, nursing mothers and obviously to you as well.

The natural Beeswax helps soothe itching, swelling and redness. Apart from this, it smells amazing.

What Attracts Mosquito or Bug to Bite You?

Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon dioxide attracts the mosquito to bite and suck the blood as a blood meal. The mosquito will get alerted when they smell carbon dioxide around them and rush to that point – human beings to bite them.

The body odor or smell too attracts them:

Human skin and sweat offers a distinct smell and attracts them to bite or sting. That’s how they buzz around you to bite.

The color that you wear attracts mosquito:

There was research as to why mosquito gets attracted to certain particular colours. The research reveals that the black or dark colours attract mosquitoes or bugs to bite and enjoy their blood meal. So, be careful with your dress colour when the mosquitoes are active.

Mosquito is also attracted to pregnant women:

The reason is, the pregnant woman has a high body temperature and exhales double carbon dioxide compare to a normal woman. This situation attracts mosquito bites.

Considering the importance and side effects of bug or mosquito bites – here is the natural Beeswax balm recipe with other essential ingredients to prevent bite or sting of mosquitoes:


  1. Beeswax – 2 tbsp
  2. Shea Butter – 2 tbsp
  3. Avocado Oil – 2tbsp
  4. Calendula Oil – ¼ tbsp
  5. Tea tree Oil – 5-8 drops
  6. Lavender Oil – 5-8 drops

Follow the Instructions to Make the Balm:

  1. First take a small pan to melt Beeswax, Avocado and Shea butter. Make sure to stir it well.
  2. It is the time to remove from the heat. Now mix Tea tree, lavender and calendula oil.
  3. After this let the mixture cools a little.
  4. Finally, pour it into a container or in a small jar.

How to Apply Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm:

Apply it to the skin except for the face when the mosquitoes or bugs are active. It may be during the day or night.

You can apply it to the mosquito bite area to soothe itching, redness or swelling. This balm contains antiseptic elements to cure any infection caused as a result of scratching.


Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm includes other essential ingredients, making it a perfect balm to protect your family from bugs or mosquitoes biting or stinging. Therefore, don’t wait to get stung by bugs – let’s make this simple yet effective recipe to keep the bugs away!

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