DIY Beeswax Eyeliner – An Amazing Product!

Natural Beeswax Eyeliner

Eyeliner made from Beeswax is a natural alternative to commercially available eyeliner products which includes harmful chemicals and may cause side effects.

This gives you a serious thought to change your regular eyeliner considering the seriousness of its ill effects. The reason is it is applied next to your eyes which are very sensitive organs.

Furthermore, the chemical ingredients in regular eyeliner cause allergy and other skin related issues.

History of eyeliner usage:

Women have been using eyeliner for centuries to make their faces more attractive. Earlier the eyeliner called ‘kohl’ was used for lining the eyes to make the eyes look beautiful.

Still, in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa women use this as eyeliner to make their eyelids darker and for eyelashes like mascara.

However, there was research that suggests that ‘kohl’ contains lead. This is toxic so keep it away from children’s reach and use it if you are using it for your eyeliner.

What are the harmful ingredients of commercial eyeliner?

Commercial eyeliner contains all sorts of scary or harmful chemicals like lead, aniline, turpentine, and thimerosal.

Do you know? Many companies never reveal the ingredients on their products. As a result, we blindly use such products without concerning about the harm that it causes to our eyes.

Consequently, this prompts us to take a serious decision to make the eyeliner ourselves with natural ingredients.

Natural beeswax eyeliner is the Best:

The best and safe natural ingredient is Beeswax including other natural ingredients to make eyeliner yourself. Most importantly, Beeswax is a honeybee’s by-product that has healthy values, unlike commercial eyeliner.

How to make eyeliner using natural ingredients:


  1. Beeswax (grated or pastilles) – ½ tbsp
  2. Sweet almond or Coconut Oil – ½ tbsp
  3. Activated charcoal powder – ½ tbsp
  4. Distilled water – ¼ tbsp


  1. In a saucepan mix Beeswax and coconut oil on a low flame.
  2. After this, add the charcoal powder and blend it well.
  3. Now add the distilled water and whisk it using the whisk thoroughly.
  4. Finally, you can keep it in a small jar.

Usage of the natural eyeliner:

Take a small brush to dab it in the mixture. Then apply it the way it suits best to your eyelids. You got to make sure to clean your brush and let it dry each time you use it.

How to remove the eyeliner gently after use:

Take a cotton ball, pour some coconut oil and then gently sweep your eyelid to remove this. Repeat it again if required to remove it completely.

Be safe keeping in mind the following points:

  1. Change the mixture or product every month not only in this case of the natural recipe but also if you are using any other eyeliner product. The reason being, the chances of growing bacteria increases if you keep the mixture or any eyeliner for over a month.
  2. Keep the homemade eyeliner mixture in the refrigerator to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  3. Clean the brush each time you use and air dry it immediately.
  4. Never try to use eyeliner in your inner eyelid. Always use outside of the eyelashes. Be careful to not let this in your eye otherwise it may cause irritation.


All in all, you can make many other cosmetics yourself using Beeswax. It is a perfect natural ingredient for cosmetic products.

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