DIY – Beeswax as Waterproof for Shoes!

Why use beeswax shoes

Beeswax works wonder as waterproof for leather or any other shoes because it has the ability to stick and remain in the outer layer of the shoes for long.

Its dry and oil-free nature protects leather shoes or boots when you step out in wet or rainy seasons.

Why Use DIY Beeswax as Waterproof for Shoes?

Beeswax is natural and doesn’t pose any danger or harm like the waterproof sprays to your health.

It is safe environmentally and offers a natural honey scent. And no harmful fumes! It provides long-lasting protection to all types of shoes.

Beeswax also provides enough lubricant to stop your leather shoes from turning hard. This makes your shoes durable too.

Why Not Waterproof Sprays for Shoes?

It is because the waterproof spray for shoes comes with the warning on the label that reads; it is flammable and releases toxic and harmful fumes in the environment.

Where to Get Beeswax?

Well, you can get Beeswax from the Beekeepers if you have direct access to them. Or, you can order one online at

How to Use it to Make Your Shoes Waterproof:

  1. Take off the laces of your shoes first.
  2. If the shoes are dirty then make sure to clean them with the dry cloth. You can use water too but don’t forget to completely dry it right after this.
  3. Now take the beeswax and rub it with the clean towel with mild pressure all over the shoes. The wax should clearly appear on the shoes. No problem once you apply the heat this will disappear. Or you can melt the Beeswax and use a toothbrush to apply it every part of the shoes or boots.
  4. Now it is the time to give heat to seal the Beeswax into the shoes. Take the hairdryer and heat it all over the shoes until the beeswax disappears.
  5. You can repeat this process for 3-4 times. However even one layer of Beeswax is enough to protect your shoes.

Now you are ready to wear and admire your waterproof shoes. You can step out in the rain or snow weather conditions with no fear of damage to your leather or any type of shoes.

Precautions to Take Before You Use Beeswax for Your Shoes or Boots:

  1. Make sure to use a good quality Beeswax from either Beekeepers or online. You can check the customer’s review of the brand selling Beeswax online to know the quality of the product.
  2. If you have any doubt using Beeswax for your costly shoes, then conduct the patch test to check its effect on your shoes.
  3. While using the hairdryer to heat the Beeswax on the shoe, keep it a little away to heat it to avoid any damage to your shoes.


Beeswax as waterproof for leather shoes has been effective in protecting your shoes during snow and rainy seasons. So, don’t wait for rain or snow to spoil your shoes, use Beeswax to protect them.

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