DIY – A Natural Beeswax Shampoo Bar!

Beeswax contains Vitamin ‘A’ which helps in providing good moisture, softness and protection to your hair. Therefore, the Beeswax shampoo bar made out of Beeswax is ideal for hair and scalp health.

Beeswax as an ingredient in the shampoo bar helps your hair strand and scalp stay hydrated. It also keeps your hair smooth and straightens if they are in twisted condition.

Commercial Shampoo: What Is Wrong With It?

Every product that we use on our body and skin has its effects on our health including shampoo. Therefore, giving first preference to the natural products that you can make yourself should be the priority.

The general understanding of a good shampoo in the minds of consumers is that it should lather well (giving good foam) otherwise they feel that it is not good. But that is not true. Lathering is not necessary to clean your hair well.

Due to this reason, we choose commercial shampoo than selecting naturally made shampoo with less lathering. Or we don’t even make one ourselves using the natural ingredients listed at the end.

The synthetic ingredients in commercial shampoo draw the moisture out of the hair and scalp skin. As a result, this would cause irritation and dryness to your hair skin.

Do you know? The severe impact of harsh chemicals in shampoo causes hair loss and damage, especially to those who have sensitive skin.

What Chemicals Does it Include?

It includes toxic phthalates which are quite harmful to your health causing hormone imbalance. Surfactants are generally found in commercial shampoo, this causes serious irritation.

Similarly, there are various chemicals that are part and parcel of every commercial shampoo formula that we use it routinely for our hair and scalp cleansing.

DIY- A Natural Beeswax Shampoo Bar: A Complete Natural Hair Care!

This shampoo gives a beautiful natural aroma, keeps your hair soft and shiny. It doesn’t contain any chemicals in it making it a supernatural hair care product.

This natural homemade product promotes hair growth and improves your scalp condition by providing moisture. No allergy and no negative effects on your hair. It goes well for all types of skin it may be sensitive or allergic.

Here is How to Make DIY Beeswax Shampoo:



  1. Take a saucepan mix all the oils with the Beeswax and Shea butter. Heat it on low flame until completely melted.
  2. Let this cool for some time.
  3. Finally, add honey and then mix it well. Take the moulds and pour the final mixture into them.
  4. Let it for 4 – 6 days and then unmold it to use this homemade wonderful Beeswax shampoo.


Beeswax provides excellent benefits for your hair and skin because it contains Vitamin E, antibacterial and other valuable properties which are helpful for various hair and skin nourishment. So, go for DIY- a natural Beeswax shampoo bar!

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