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Talbina – A Fibre Rich Healthy Breakfast (Porridge)

Talbina barley porridge

Talbina is a nutritious porridge made from whole grain barley flour powder, milk and honey that contains essential macro and micronutrients for a healthy breakfast. The preparation of porridge using barley flour powder, milk and honey is popularly called Talbina. ‘Talbina gained its popularity due to its physical and psychological health benefits for all age […]

Jamun Juice! Let’s know its amazing benefits!

Jamun Juice Beneficial

Jamun is very popular for its medicinal use including its natural juice which is full of antioxidants and flavonoids essential for a healthy mind and body. Jamun is grown mostly in dry weather conditions and it needs just minimum rainfall for its bloom. In addition, it mostly blooms in India, Southeast Asia, Srilanka, China, and […]

Kashmiri Saffron! Here is the highest quality saffron!

Kashmiri Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron contains remarkable healthy compounds that make it highly desired and valuable for health nourishment, medicinal use, and even in food for its aroma and taste. It is collected from the ‘Crocus Sativa’ plant flowers, which blooms largely during autumn seasons in a few popular places in the world like Kashmir, Iran, Greece, Spain and […]

Jamun Vinegar! Here is the 100% natural Jamun vinegar!

Jamun Vinegar

Jamun Vinegar has the richest source of various healthy compounds effective for treating diabetics, keeps the liver, stomach, spleen healthy, and offers a lot more health benefits. What Makes it so Healthy? Well, it is made from fresh Jamun juice or Jamun pulp which includes antioxidant, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anti-obesity properties. Therefore, it helps us in […]

Kalonji or Black seed oil! Here are its amazing benefits!

Seed or Kalonji Oil Benefits

Bharat’s Kalonji oil is full of essential minerals and vitamins, packed with dietary fibre, carbohydrate fat, amino acids, sodium, calcium, and potassium which helps in maintaining overall health. It is also known as black seed oil which belongs to the buttercup family of plants. Apart from its uses in culinary, it is also popular for […]

Apple Cider Vinegar! Here is the awesome apple juice!

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been in use as a home remedy for treating various ailments, particularly for weight loss or rising obesity, controlling blood sugar and diabetes. Besides this, it also provides the nourishment necessary for good health. Apart from medicinal use, apple cider vinegar is famous for cooking and adds a delicious taste to […]

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