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What is Jamun Honey! A Genuine Honey!

What is Jamun Honey

Bees make Honey, collecting nectars from different flowers. Similarly, when they make Honey using plenty of Jamun flower nectar, we call it Jamun Honey. It is not flavoured Honey. Jamun Honey is natural and genuine, harvested during its flowering season in India. No artificial flavour! Jamun Honey is Unifloral Honey: It is unifloral because it […]

Kashmir Acacia Honey! The Sweetest Honey!

Kashmir Acacia Honey

Honeybees collect the nectar from the acacia flower, the primary nectar source of honey bees in the Kashmir valley. Kashmir Acacia flower Honey is organic, nutritious, and good for medicinal purposes as it comes from the pollution-free Kashmir valley. What makes the Kashmir acacia honey unique and desirable is; that it is delicious and has […]

What is Multiflora honey? Origin & Benefits

Natural Multiflora Honey

Multiflora Himalayan Honey comes from the vast forest of the Himalayan region, where bees collect the nectar from more than one flower to make honey in the comb. Therefore, multiflora honey comes from the pollution-free and deep Himalayan forest area of our country. Many call it forest honey due to its nectar originating from the […]

Meaning of Sidr Honey! Healthy Honey!

Sidr Honey

Sidr Honey is very popular for its unique taste, aroma, and medicinal benefits around the world. The nectar source of Sidr Honey comes from jujube flowers that blossoms in the desert regions. Flower Source: Jujube Flower The nectar source of Sidr honey comes from the wild Jujube flower. It blossoms mostly in the desert regions […]

Honey Varieties in India?

Pure Honey Online

Floral honey varieties (Monofloral honey) is a type of honey, made from one type of flower nectar. Most honey comes from bees foraging many different flowers. These flowers honey is called Multiflora honey or Forest Honey. Yet few flowers provide enough nectar during a short season. They can yield honey as a monofloral honey. As it is […]

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