C3 And C4 Sugar Adulterants In Honey

C3 & C4 Honey adulteration

Honey adulteration takes place using cheap sugar syrup sweeteners made from C3 and C4 sugar plants to match the sweetness of honey. These syrups are harmful to health as it just contains processed sugar. However, Natural Honey is healthy because it comes from natural ways where honeybees make honey from the nectar of flowers and […]

What is Antibiotics in Honey?

Benefit of Pure Honey

Antibiotics are given to honey bees to prevent and treat bacterial diseases such as varroa mites, American foulbrood, European foulbrood, etc., in bee colonies. Though it is not a parameter for testing honey, FSSAI has introduced this metric to keep its use within limits due to the large scale usage of antibiotics. The process of […]

What is NMR Test for Honey? Let’s Know the Complete Information!

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NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) test is an advanced all-round testing parameter for scanning quality, adulteration and authenticity of honey. The INTERTEK laboratory which is in Germany mostly conducts the NMR test for analysing the purity of honey. At the ground level, honey NMR test scans and tracks down the purity and content of all and […]

NMR Tested Raw Honey! Know Your Honey Before You Consume!

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Finally, Bharat Honey’s long and challenging battle of creating awareness regarding honey adulteration by top brands has paid off significantly. You must know why NMR tested raw honey has become necessary for all honey brands. Bharat Honey’s Great Achievement: Adulteration Fully Exposed by CSE! Thanks to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) for exposing […]

How to Authenticate Pure Natural Honey?

Pure natural honey

Honey is precious food for human beings with various medicinal values for one’s healthy life. So, you need to be careful and be aware with essential knowledge in getting the pure natural honey because this wonder food is manipulated by big honey brands in India with just one motive to make a profit. The manipulated […]

Where Can I Buy Real Honey?

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To buy real honey you should have little knowledge about honey. It is an open secret that the market is flooded with Fake or synthetic honey. Common Adulterant In Honey: The most common adulterant used nowadays is RICE SYRUP. Many big brands sell it as honey. Rice syrup can easily pass the laboratory parameters. With […]

Aniline chloride test to check adulteration in honey.

aniline chloride test

Aniline chloride test can detect the presence of common sugar in honey. Similarly, Common sugar contains Sucrose (A dia saccharides) whereas honey contains simple sugars (Glucose & fructose). Likewise, this test can detect the presence of sucrose in honey. Take honey Take a porcelain dish, add 5ml of honey. Prepare aniline chloride solution. Add 3ml […]

“How to Check if Honey is Pure or Adulterated?” – Honey Purity Test

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This article has everything you need to know about checking the purity of honey.

Importance of HMF levels in Natural honey.

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HMF (5-hydroxymethylfurfural) is an organic compound formed in honey after extraction from the comb. Therefore, it is natural and doesn’t harm your health. Similarly, Knowing the importance of HMF levels in natural honey is necessary to dismiss the wrong perception. Freshly extracted honey has a very low level of HMF. Soon after extraction of honey […]

Moisture content or water content in Natural honey

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To understand the moisture or water content in honey, we should understand the process of honey-making by honey bees. Honeybees collect nectar from flowers to make honey. Nectar has around 70% water.  A honeybee collects nectar and process it through regurgitation and deposit into hexagonal honeycomb cell. Honeybees then dry out the excess moisture through […]

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