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Importance of honeybees to human life & planet

Importance of honeybees to human life and planet

Honeybees are generally known to us offering honey and other bee products. However, it plays a significant role in pollinating about 75% of the world’s food crops. However, over the past recent years, several factors are threatening the existence of honeybees. As a result, the decline in the honeybee population poses a serious threat to […]

How Bees Make Honey? Here is the Scientific Detail!

How bees make honey

Bees are super intelligent insects! They perform buzz of activities stage by stage in a clever manner to make this nutritious food – Honey! These are well-organized and well-controlled scientific activities carried out by honey bees. Truly a Journey worth exploring! Honey bees make honey as their food to eat themselves and store the rest […]

Honeydew and Blossom Honey

Raw Honey

Honey is a sweet substance that includes glucose and fructose. It is made by the bees from the nectar of the flowers. There are two sources of honey, blossom honey and Honeydew. The melodious word ‘honey’ is the result of bees hard work of making nature first heavenly sweet substance. Honey – Nectar is a […]

Use of Honey in Ancient India

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Honey during the ancient time in India was revered as the food of gods. It was also a divine sweetener and food on many spiritual occasions. Honey in ancient India In ancient Hindu marriages, honey was used to keep away any evil spirit and happy life for married couples. Whereas, Hindus from the Deccan part […]

How do Honey Bees Make Honey?

Raw Honey Online

Honey is made by the honeybees using flowers nectar in a honeycomb. It sounds simple! However, the process of making honey is a much more difficult journey for honeybees. Honeybees work collectively as a team in the honeycomb. Their team consists of three types of honeybees in a colony: 1. Queen bee 2. Drone bee 3. Worker bee Let’s […]

Which is Best Honey? Choose the Best Honey Brands Available in India.

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The trending questions nowadays are, which honey is best? which is the best honey brand in India? And which one is purest? Which is more useful for health? Best organic honey in India? Best quality honey brands in India and other honey brands in India. Being in the industry for three long decades, we have […]

Natural Honey vs Table Sugar Which is Better for You?

Natural Honey

Honey and sugar both are used as a sweetener in various snacks and food to enjoy their sweetness. There is a lot of difference when it comes to the health effects between these two, even though the sweetness of both sweeteners is similar. What is the main difference? in summary, the following are the main […]

Raw Honey or Regular Honey

Real honey

What makes Raw Honey so distinct from Regular Honey? Honey is a naturally sweet liquid that bees make in a honeycomb that has live enzymes and antioxidants. The role of the honey bee in making honey is unimaginable. Here is the main difference between raw honey vs regular honey. Honey, as it is present in […]

Why Should you Choose Raw Honey?

What is raw honey

You should choose raw honey simply because Honey is the most heat sensitive natural food in the world. Therefore, heavy processing by means of Heating and ultrafiltration rob most of its health benefits. The industry practice of heavy processing and adulteration made honey just another sweet harmful confectionary. On the contrary Raw honey contains many […]

How Bees Make Honey

How bees make honey

Flowers produce nectar to attract pollinators like honey bees. Bee pollen is also present on the anther of flowers. Honey bees need both nectar and bee pollen for their hives. Honey bees have to visit 100s of flowers before going back to the hive, visiting different flowers transfers pollen from one flower to another. honey […]

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