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Beekeepers in India and their challenges

Beekeepers in India

The major challenge that beekeepers face is Chinese sugar adulterants which have caused great damage to the beekeeping business in India and across the world. Beekeepers want to leave their beekeeping business because of the widespread use of harmful sugar syrup, which has become a standard adulterant in honey to spike its quantity. It is […]

Extraction of Honey

Extraction of honey

A super is the part of a commercial beehive that is used to collect honey. Honey supers may contain eight to ten frames where the bees live and maintain their honeycomb. The most common variety has a depth of 6⁵/8 inches (approximately14 cm). During honey flow, beekeepers may put several honey supers onto a hive […]

Communication of Honey Bees

Bee communication dance

Communication of honey bees plays a key role in bees life. There are mainly 2 main ways through which honey bees communicate: 1. The pheromone activity. 2. The waggle dance. The Pheromone activity Queen release a chemical called a pheromone to attract drones. Other pheromone released help other bees in: Helping the community to recognize […]

A Honey Bee Colony

A life cycle of a honey bee

A honey bee colony or healthy Bee box contains About 30,000-60,000 female worker bees, a few hundred male drone bees and a large queen bee. Each member of a bee community has a specific role in life and numerous tasks to accomplish. The social life of the honeybee has always been viewed as a model of industry, […]

Body Parts of Honey Bee

Pure Honey Online

Honey bees are an important part of our life and livelihood. So, knowing the body parts of the honey bee or its structure is worth exploring. The honeybee is one of the hardest working creatures on earth. The most studied living being on the planet after humans. Also called “the summit of sophisticated engineering” The honey bee colony is the best model […]

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