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DIY – Beeswax Sunscreen Lotion

DIY Beeswax Sunscreen Lotion

When we go out and stay for a longer time than usual, we would like to save our skin from the hot and threatening Sun rays. The natural Beeswax lotion bar solution works wonders in protecting your skin. The reason is, the skin is the largest organ of our body. Therefore it requires our attention […]

DIY Beeswax Lip Balm – An Amazing Product!

Beeswax lip balm benefits

Beeswax lip balm is a Natural product that is effective for chapped, cracked and peeled lips. It also keeps your lips hydrated and protected from Sun Rays. Why Do I Need Lip Balm? The reason is, lips skin is thinner than the other part of your body skin. When you suffer from dry and chapped […]

DIY Beeswax Candle – A Healthy Air Purifier!

Benefits beeswax candles

A beeswax candle is a natural air purifier that offers a wonderful scent compared to regular candles which are harmful and a source of air pollution too. The Harmful Effects of Regular Candle: The most regular candles ingredient is paraffin wax. It is a petroleum waste product used in making regular candles. Paraffin is highly […]

DIY- Beeswax Furniture Polish

Beeswax furniture polish,

Beeswax has been widely used for furniture polishing right from the 12th century and became the most preferred furniture polish during the 18th century to this day. There is a lot of buzz on ‘green polishing’ in selecting the polishing or cleaning products that contain no harsh chemicals. The reason is, that cleaning agents with […]

DIY – Beeswax Infant Diaper Rash Lotion

Beeswax rash lotion,

Beeswax infant diaper rash lotion helps in soothing irritation and pain caused by diaper rashes in babies. Beeswax is a Honey Bees natural product. It contains beneficial elements like antioxidants and antibacterial. These are very effective in healing diaper rashes. Global Affect: Diaper rashes are widely seen as a common problem in babies across the […]

DIY – Beeswax Crayons For Toddler!

Benefits of beeswax crayon

Beeswax crayons for the toddler are safe and fun to use without any fear of harmful effects. Whereas regular crayons contain a toxic ingredient like paraffin wax. This troubles many parents when it comes to the safety of their children while using regular crayons. Safety Concerns of Using Regular Crayons: Many commercial crayon makers don’t […]

DIY – Beeswax Body Butter for Skincare!

Beeswax skincare

Beeswax Body Butter is a protective skin moisturizer and skin-nourishing that doesn’t include any preservatives. Experience the nourishing effect of beeswax body butter for skincare! It keeps your body skin from going dry during the cold and summer seasons. It is also beneficial in the case of eczema disease which is mostly caused due to […]

DIY – Beeswax as Waterproof for Shoes!

Why use beeswax shoes

Beeswax works wonder as waterproof for leather or any other shoes because it has the ability to stick and remain in the outer layer of the shoes for long. Its dry and oil-free nature protects leather shoes or boots when you step out in wet or rainy seasons. Why Use DIY Beeswax as Waterproof for […]

DIY – Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm

DIY beeswax balm

Applying Beeswax made balm keeps the bug and mosquito away by playing the role of a protective barrier on the skin. It soothes itching, red and swelling skin. Beeswax Mosquito Bite Balm is a big relief from mosquito bites. It is a natural remedy having no side effects unlike using mosquito repellent which includes harmful […]

DIY – Beeswax Balm for Cracked Pet Paws!

Beeswax protection for cracked paws

Beeswax balm for craked pet paws offers protection and relief to your pet’s cracked paws. There are chances that they may get their paws affected leading to paw disorders. Domesticated animals will be on their feet all the time in and out of the house. So, proper care and protection are very important for their […]

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