Can Honey Fight Tooth Decay?

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Raw Honey contains antibacterial and antiseptic effects that can reduce tooth decay – it means damage to your tooth surface. If left untreated, it may lead to cavities (Holes in your teeth).

Using pure honey is necessary to receive the benefits to reduce tooth decay. Therefore, in today’s honey adulteration market, one must know how to check the purity of honey before getting honey from the market.

Let us know what tooth decay is:

honey for tooth decay

There are two types of bacteria, one is good, and the other is harmful bacteria. Good bacteria are always helpful, but harmful bacteria may cause some problems like tooth decay.

The harmful bacteria get mixed with food and form a soft, sticky material which we call plaque.

Harmful bacteria produce plaque. These bacteria in plaque use sugar and starch out of what we eat and drink.

This process forms the acid that eats the minerals of enamel. That makes it more at risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The symptoms of tooth decay:

symptoms of tooth decay

You may experience a toothache, sensitivity to sweet, cold and hot stuff.

There would be stains of white and brown right on the surface of your tooth, along with the cavity.

Finally, you may notice the swelling and terrible pain in the affected area with fever.

Honey healing for tooth decay:

raw honey for tooth decay

Raw Honey has enzymes that make hydrogen peroxide a natural compound responsible for antibacterial activities in raw Honey.

Furthermore, the research on Honey’s antibacterial properties of Honey has revealed the same benefits that raw Honey helps in reducing tooth decay.

Replace sugar with raw honey to avoid tooth decay:

replace sugar with honey

Children and adults alike suffer from tooth decay at any age. Because children use candies made from sugar and other sugary items or snacks that lead to tooth decay.

Therefore, the usage of raw Honey for school going kids and adults would be the healthiest choice. The antibacterial properties may help in providing natural relief to your dental or oral problems.

What does the research say?

research on honey for tooth decay

Research is done by Dr Molan at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, revealed that Natural Raw Honey offers antibacterial and antiseptics properties.

Hence, these are valuable components of Honey that helps in reducing dental cavities and other dental problems.

How to use raw honey to cure tooth decay?

how to use honey for tooth decay

You can apply or place Raw Honey over the affected tooth or gum in the mouth. As a result, the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Raw Honey would flush out the harmful bacteria.

A word of caution: Always use raw natural honey:

raw honey for tooth decay

Remember, only Raw Natural Honey contains antibacterial properties to cure tooth decay.

Be careful and be educated to buy pure Honey. The reason is, most big brands sell ultra-filtered, heated and adulterated Honey with modern sugar. That is impossible to detect through traditional or home testing methods.

Therefore, such highly processed Honey is harmful and cause more problems to your dental problems.

How to check and buy real natural honey?

how to check purity of honey

Always look around for local brands offering varieties of Honey. The reason is, Natural Honey comes from different flowers and different regions. 

Bees are present everywhere and, they collect nectar from different or single flowers which bloom in plenty in that region.

Therefore, a genuine local brand packs the natural Honey indicating its flower source and region on its raw honey pack.

For example, Manuka Honey comes from Manuka flower, New Zealand, which is quite popular and well researched for its medicinal values. 

Similarly, the Acacia flower Kashmir Honey comes from the pollution-free Kashmir valley.

Likewise, you have Jamun Honey from Jamun flower, Litchi Honey from litchi orchards, Sidr honey from jujube flowers and multiflora honey from the herbal rich forest areas. So, can honey fight tooth decay? Yes, only natural honey has everything to fight tooth decay. It also offers great health benefits for other health issues.

Research on medicinal values on Raw Honey in India is lacking:

medical research on raw honey for tooth decay.

Like Manuka honey, the research on medicinal values of Raw Honey available in India is lacking. Otherwise, there won’t be much difference in the medicinal values between the raw Honey available here and Manuka honey from New Zealand.


Natural Raw honey is always healthy and good for your dental health. Therefore, buy genuine honey from a genuine source and enjoy its full health benefits.

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