All India Nursery Mela Hyderabad 2022

All India Nursery Mela Hyderabad 2022

Telangana Event Organizer presents the 11th All India Nursery Mela, also known as All India Horticulture and Agriculture show Hyderabad 2022. A great event for nature lovers to experience and purchase a variety of horticulture and agriculture plants from different states.

Besides this, natural food like dry fruits and Pure honey in the nursery mela will be the centre of attraction. These two are nature’s most valuable gifts for humans.

The date, time and venue of all India nursery mela Hyderabad 2022:

Date: From 24th February 2022 to 28th February 2022.

Time: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Venue: People Plaza Necklace Road Hyderabad

Who will inaugurate the 11th edition of all India nursery mela in Hyderabad?

Nursery mela 11th edition Hyderabad

Honourable Minister of agriculture of Telangana Mr Singireddy Niranjan Reddy and Minister for finance of Telangana T. Harish Rao will jointly inaugurate the grand nursery mela Hyderabad 2022.

What is the entrance fee for all India nursery mela Hyderabad 2022?

The entry fee will be just Rs.20. However, all school and college students will get a special discount of 50% on the entrance fee.

States participating in all India horticulture and agriculture show Hyderabad:

States like West Bengal, Haryana, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh will participate in the 11th all India Nursery mela 2022.

Types of Nursery Plants on sale in all India nursery mela Hyderabad 2022.

  1. Fruit plants
  2. Cactus plants
  3. Succulent plants
  4. Arcades plants
  5. Arinium plants

Exotic, Indoor and Outdoor Plants will also be part of it:

  1. Bonsai plants
  2. Oxygen Plants
  3. Medicinal plants
  4. Mosquito Eradicate Plants
  5. Lemongrass plants
  6. Pancha Tulsi Plants
  7. Davanam Plants
  8. Maravam Plants
  9. Apple plants
  10. Taiwan variety plants
  11. Dragon fruits

You can also get important materials like:

  1. Terrace garden material
  2. Garden material
  3. Organic non organic fertilizer

Raw Honey and Dry Fruits:

Bharat honey at nursery mela hyderbad 2022

Nature’s Products such as dry fruits and Kashmir honey from the Kashmir valley will also be present at the necklace road, Hyderabad nursery mela. Therefore, don’t miss to experience Kashmir’s premium honey and nuts.

We have diversity in plants. Similarly, raw honey comes in varieties because honey bees make honey from different flowers during different flowering seasons.

So, let’s meet at this year’s nursery mela to taste all the varieties of raw honey for free presented by a genuine local brand Bharat Honey which procures honey directly from the source.

Honey varieties that will be presented there are:

  1. Kashmir Acacia Honey
  2. Jamun Honey
  3. Multiflora Honey
  4. Sidr Honey
  5. Litchi Honey
  6. Eucalyptus Honey
  7. Sulai Honey
  8. Ajwain Honey
  9. Apple Honey
  10. Mustard Honey

Along with this, we will educate you about raw honey, how to check its purity and where to buy pure honey around you in this time of widespread honey adulteration.

Good news! The famous Hyderabad Numaish for the year 2022 is back. Therefore, next time, when you visit the famous Hyderabad exhibition ground, visit us at the Bharat honey stall to enjoy the taste of raw honey varieties.

Nursery Mela 2022 Has Come To An End:

This year’s nursery mela 2022 has ended on 28th February. However, this is an annual affair. It will come back again next year with varieties of plants and technology on how to grow them in a friendly environment.

For further details about next year’s event, stay tuned and connected with Bharat Honey, the local brand that offers varieties of raw honey. In addition, it is NMR tested, pure honey brand.


This year’s nursery mela promises to be a grand celebration of plant diversity. In addition, the event brings people from all walks of life close to nature and natural food like raw honey and dry fruits.

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